This is the interior of the MG Cyberster. Go for the Yoke steering wheel

Much of the interior of the MG Cyberster has been revealed prematurely following leaked photos

The resurgence of the British brand, now in Chinese hands, MG, is a reality and its commitment to 100% electric cars was consecrated with the launch of the MG4, a car that achieves a perfect balance between performance and price, making it one of the most interesting options on the market today.

But MG is not only satisfied with the MG4, and it already has several electric vehicles on the launch ramp, although without a doubt the one that stands out the most is the MG Cyberster, a sporty roadster that was born as a concept but that finally, after the insistence of the public, will be produced and marketed.

Initially the MG Cyberster will be officially presented next April where we will finally be able to see its final design both inside and out, however today we have been able to learn new details of its interior after the leak of some spy photos that have begun to circulate on social networks.

The MG Cyberster will feature a premium interior, and the use of synthetic leather or real leather seems more than evident. A large rectangular screen will cover much of the dashboard but perhaps most striking of all is the steering wheel. MG will go for a yoke steering wheel, very similar to the one used by Tesla in its new Model S and Model X, although it should be remembered that Tesla has also been offering the option of a conventional round steering wheel on its vehicles for a few days now.

It seems that yoke steering wheels are not a passing fad, or a temporary craze, and there are already several manufacturers who are betting on this type of steering wheel instead of mounting a traditional round steering wheel, so we suspect that some improvement over traditional steering wheels.

For the moment we can say little more about the MGC, the name it will receive in Europe, as we only know that it is developed under the MSP platform (Modular Scalable Platform) which is the same that has been used for the MG4.

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