This is the sound of the electric Abarth 500, and yes, it’s from an electric car.

Through a video posted on Twitter we now know what the Abarth 500 electric car will sound like, and we have many doubts about it.

Little by little we are learning more details about the electric Abarth 500, the first electric car from Abarth whose legion of fans all over the world were looking forward to it, or maybe not so much, and now we will explain why we say so.

As you know, for some time now, all new electric cars have been required to emit a sound when driving below 30 km/h in order to warn pedestrians that there is a nearby car in motion.

This has resulted in all electric cars emitting a sound to the outside world through a loudspeaker, something that in part we might think kills the essence of one of the characteristics of this type of vehicle, which is silence.

However, we could say that some brands have taken advantage of this obligation to give a touch of personality to their electric cars, which emit a characteristic sound, and up to this point we can think that it seems a wise decision as a brand image and distinction.

But perhaps Abarth has taken this characteristic to the extreme and has not been satisfied with just emitting a characteristic sound, but has opted to simulate the sound of a combustion engine. In other words, the Abarth 500 electric when you see it and when it is switched on, it will sound like a combustion engine.

Chris Rees, an important motoring journalist, has had the opportunity to see the electric Abarth 500 for the first time and has shared a video on his social networks where we can hear the sound. A brassy sound that, as we say, imitates the sound of a “powerful” combustion engine.

We leave the video for you to judge for yourself.

Abarth probably wants to please its die-hard fans of noisy petrol cars with this decision, but it may have a backlash effect on those who favour the goodness of electric cars.

We don’t know at this stage whether Abarth will give the option to change the sound or whether it will be a fixed sound.

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