Tips for keeping your car safe if you’re travelling by plane

Having a reliable car park is key for you to be able to go on your trip without any worries.

We are sure that on more than one occasion you have had to drive to the airport and leave your car in the car park itself, although on many occasions we have already told you that this is not the best option.

With an electric car, it is even more important to look for and find a guaranteed car park that will keep your vehicle safe while you are travelling, whether it is a business trip or a leisure or pleasure trip.

Luckily there are tools on the internet that try to help you find the ideal car park to leave your precious car for several days, such as the car park comparator offered by Parkos.

For example if you visit this website: you can see the car parks around Seville airport, in this case for example there are 12 car parks where you can see which one is the cheapest or which one offers you more services/guarantee.

The way to operate is really simple, you only have to indicate the date of departure and approximate time when you will leave your car and the date of departure and pick up time, with this information the best available parking options will be searched.

With the result of the search you can choose the option that best suits you, taking into account for example the best rated car park by its customers, the one that is closest to the airport departures terminal or opt for the cheapest option.

Another interesting fact is that the solution gives you some interesting information about the car park, such as whether it is a covered car park or an open-air car park. As we mentioned, there are several options and the types of car park are varied, so there is sure to be a car park that meets exactly what you are looking for.

Also, for peace of mind, there is the option to cancel the parking 24 hours in advance, so if something unexpected happens at the last minute, you can cancel the request at no extra cost.

Travelling with the peace of mind that your car is in good hands is something that many people value and now you don’t have to search for different options, you can check them all in one place.

Now you have no excuse to enjoy your holiday or business trip 100%.

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