Touch buttons will disappear in the restyled Volkswagen ID.3

The touch buttons have been the target of criticism from users of the VW ID.3.

The first decisions of Volkswagen’s new CEO, Thomas Schäfer, are already beginning to show, and we will soon see it in the Volkswagen ID.3.

From the very beginning, the Volkswagen ID.3 has been the new icon for the German brand, even daring to compare it to the natural successor of the popular and successful Volkswagen Golf.

However, the VW ID.3 has not quite “clicked” in the market, being more of a compact electric option but without standing out too much.

Part of the problems that the Volkswagen ID.3 has had is its commitment to offering an interior that was intended to break the mould and be different from what had been seen before, although this has finally been one of its greatest enemies, together with a somewhat high price in some versions and software that has not ceased to cause problems from the start.

The current CEO of VW has asked to bring forward as soon as possible the expected restyling of the Volkswagen ID.3, which will finally take place in 2023 where the brand will correct many of the criticisms, tips and recommendations that users have been transmitting throughout this time.

Touch buttons on the steering wheel to become physical buttons in the VW ID.3 2023

Thomas Schäfer himself gave details about the revised Volkswagen ID.3 in 2023: “We are bringing forward the facelift of our first model based on the MEB platform to 2023”.

The CEO also indicated that this revision of the ID.3 will mean a major leap forward in terms of quality, materials and software.

On the other hand, one of the elements that we know will disappear from the Volkswagen ID.3 in 2023 will be all the touch buttons on the steering wheel.

Although other manufacturers have been able to integrate these buttons into their vehicles, the German brand has been criticised for their poor performance and for being impractical and uncomfortable.

It is true that the application of this type of touch buttons was intended to offer that technology or modernity to the car, but losing something very important, the practicality and comfort that physical buttons do offer in some circumstances.

Volkswagen has announced that it will eliminate the touch buttons in all cars from 2023, including the VW ID.3 2023.

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