Toyota brings two concepts to Tokyo Motor Show 2023: hydrogen AE86 H2 and 100% electric AE86 BEV

Toyota unveils two new concepts at Tokyo Auto Show 2023: hydrogen-powered AE86 H2 and all-electric AE86 BEV

Toyota arrives at the Tokyo Auto Show 2023 with a strong product portfolio, including two new new new energy concepts. Called the AE86 H2 and AE86 BEV, one is a hydrogen vehicle and the other is all-electric. Both are updates of older models of the brand.

Toyota AE86 H2 concept

Conceived for motorsport, and driven in its internal combustion version by TGR and ROOKIE Racing in Japan’s Super Taikyu Series, Toyota introduces the updated hydrogen-powered AE86 H2 concept.

Two high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks of the Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle are mounted in the rear.

Toyota AE86 BEV Concept

According to the brand, by implementing Lexus electrification technologies, the Toyota AE86 BEV is an upgraded vehicle, fitted with a Prius PHEV battery and Tundra HEV electric motor, but retaining the manual transmission.

Both the AE86 H2 and AE86 BEV feature recycled materials such as seats and seatbelts, as well as seatbelt pads made from recycled materials.

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