Toyota bZ3, the Japanese brand’s new 100% electric sedan

The Toyota bZ3 offers more than 600 kilometres of range and all the technology of Chinese manufacturer BYD.

Toyota has unveiled its next electric car from its beyond Zero electric range, which currently consists exclusively of the Toyota bZ4X SUV.

Toyota’s new electric car, the bZ3, is a sedan that could well compete with the world’s best-selling electric car, the Tesla Model 3, but there is a catch to this vehicle and Toyota’s decision to market it.

The Toyota bZ3 is the result of an important collaboration between the Japanese manufacturer and Chinese manufacturers BYD and FAW. This collaboration is based on using all of BYD’s technology in the bZ3 and with respect to FAW in the manufacturing and marketing process, which will be carried out by the joint venture with Toyota in China.

And this is the big but for the Toyota bZ3, as initially this 100% electric sedan from Toyota will only be marketed in China, which is a real shame.

It will be difficult for the Toyota bZ3 to be launched in Europe and the United States, which is yet another sign of the Japanese manufacturer’s lack of interest in this type of vehicle.

Toyota bZ3 in search of efficiency and aerodynamics

The Toyota bZ3 has a design that maintains the essence already seen in the Toyota bZ4X, the only difference being that it is a sedan.

The front end together with the optical light clusters make it unmistakable while maintaining the design line seen on the bZ4X SUV.

Thanks to this design and aerodynamic work, Toyota and its Chinese partners have made the bZ3 a very aerodynamically efficient car with a Cd value of just 0.218. As you know, this aspect has a direct influence on the vehicle’s fuel consumption and range.

Moving on to the interior of the Toyota bZ3, Toyota is once again committed to the new flattened steering wheel and to seeking simplicity thanks to the use of two digital screens, one located behind the steering wheel and the other located vertically on the dashboard where all the vehicle’s options can be managed and configured.

The dimensions of the Toyota bZ3 are as follows: 4.725 metres long, 1.835 metres wide, 1.475 metres high and a wheelbase of 2.880 metres.

Range of the Toyota bZ3, the car’s greatest weapon

The Toyota bZ3 can boast of being a very efficient electric car and of being able to offer its users a more than excellent range.

This time the entire powertrain and battery pack comes from Chinese manufacturer BYD, which has designed a specific powertrain for the bZ3 together with an LFP battery, probably of the Blade type.

As usual, Toyota has not provided the size of the battery in question, although it has assured that the Toyota bZ3 offers a range of more than 600 kilometres under the CLTC cycle, which is currently used in China and is very similar to the WLTP.

Another aspect that Toyota has left unanswered is its marketing date, price and the different versions in which the bZ3 will be available in China.

As you have seen, it is a real shame that the bZ3 is not coming to Europe as it could be one of the best-selling electric cars thanks to its excellent performance.

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