Toyota bZ4X prices revealed in Spain

These are the prices for Spain of the Toyota bZ4X, the Japanese company’s first electric car

After its official presentation in October 2021, on the occasion of the Shanghai Motor Show 2021, the Toyota bZ4X quickly grabbed all the attention of this long-awaited first electric car of the Japanese brand. The Toyota bZ4X shares a platform and development with the Subaru Soltera, being virtually the same vehicle but marketed under a different brand.

This has meant that both have the same serious problem: there is a danger of the wheels falling off. It sounds comical, but it really is. Toyota issued a massive recall at the time as it tried to fix the problem. Eventually, the brand admitted that they had failed to fix it and opted to give owners the option of a refund.

In addition to this major performance problem, the car’s problematic lack of real-world range was confirmed by the press and customers who were able to test drive the car at the end of last year, and the carmaker itself announced that it had opened an investigation. At the end of February, the arrival of an update that will affect the car’s range was announced, following criticism.

toyota bz4x circulando

Although Toyota initially said that the vehicle would only be available in Europe on a subscription basis, it has finally changed its mind and opted to give a full price for the vehicle in its four available versions: Advance 4×2, Advance 4×4, Style Plus 4×2 and Style Plus 4×4.

In the case of the most basic version, the ‘Advance 4×2’, the price starts at 49,900 euros. For the ‘Advance 4×4’ version it starts at 52,900 euros. In the ‘Style Plus 4×2’ versions it starts at 53,900 euros and goes up to 56,900 euros for the most complete option, the ‘Style Plus 4×4’. It should be noted that the ‘Plan MOVES III’ discount can be applied to three of the four versions, leaving out the ‘Style Plus 4×4’.

Additionally,there are options that increase the final price, related to the exterior colour of the vehicle. Solid and two-tone paint are free of charge, while metallic paint costs €750, pearlescent €875 and premium two-tone €275.

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