Toyota bZ4X’s real-world range disappoints

First range tests leave the Toyota bZ4X in a bad way.

Toyota has not been a fan of full electrification from the outset, even though the Japanese brand was the first to go hybrid.

Even so, market pressures have prompted Toyota to make a move and launch what is its first electric car for the global market, the Toyota bz4X.

From the beginning we can say that Toyota has had serious problems with the bZ4X, which they have recently been able to solve and we can finally say that its marketing and deliveries have begun.

It is important to remember that the Toyota bZ4X will not be available for purchase in Spain, as the brand has decided to offer only the subscription option, i.e. paying a monthly fee.

Performance and range of the Toyota bZ4X

As for the performance of the Toyota bZ4X, it is offered with two possible options, a front-wheel drive option with a single 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor and an all-wheel drive option with two electric motors with a total power of 160 kW (217.5 hp).

The battery in both options is the same size, being 71.4 kWh which allows a range of 511 km under the WLTP cycle for the single-motor version and 470 km for the two-electric motor option.

But as you know, these figures are often far from reality and it is always useful to know first-hand the real range of each vehicle to find out some interesting facts such as its efficiency.

Some media have already been able to test the Toyota bZ4X and subject it to these real-world range tests, where we can say that the vehicle has shown its true colours.

For example, the Norwegian media Elbil24 has had the opportunity to test the more powerful Toyota bZ4X with all-wheel drive. According to the data sheet its range is 470 km under the WLTP cycle, but in reality the range of the Toyota bZ4X was only 307 km.

This means that the Toyota bZ4X has an average fuel consumption of 19.1 kWh/100 km, which is perhaps a bit high for a small SUV-crossover.

Also during the test, the maximum charging power of the Toyota bZ4X was tested, which was 112 kW, while the manufacturer claims that the maximum power the vehicle is capable of is 150 kW.

At this point, it should be noted that in order to reach the maximum peak, the battery must be in optimal conditions of temperature and charge level to reach it.

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