Toyota hints at its third electric car with this picture

Toyota has unveiled a teaser of its third electric car in the bZ range.

Just a few days ago we were introduced to the Toyota bZ3, an interesting 100% electric sedan that will only be available in China.

Toyota currently only has a single electric car in its line-up that it markets worldwide, the Toyota bZ4X, which has had a rather hesitant and problematic start to its development.

Now Toyota has wanted to play with all of us and has given us the typical image of the silhouette of its next electric car so that we can start to think about which car it will be.

Although as you can see the image does not say much as such, we can intuit that it will be an electric car of a larger size than the bZ3, so we could think that it will be an electric saloon that will be close to 5 metres long.

If we look at Toyota’s current portfolio of cars sold around the world , the greatest similarity is with its Toyota Crown saloon, a vehicle that is rarely seen in Europe but is quite popular in the United States in the large saloon segment.

It is still too early to “guess” the performance and range of Toyota’s third electric car, and the Japanese brand has not even set a date for the vehicle’s presentation, although if it has taken the step of showing this teaser, we can think that its presentation could be just around the corner. Perhaps before the end of the year?

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