Toyota launches an investigation into the disappointing range of the bZ4X

Initial range tests by journalists show very poor data for Toyota bZ4X

Just when it seemed that Toyota was beginning to see the light with its first global electric car, the Toyota bZ4X, it is now immersed in what can be considered a reputation crisis.

A few days ago we told you about the real range of the Toyota bZ4X, after the first tests carried out by the international media, a test which showed that the real range of the Toyota bZ4X barely exceeds 300 kilometres, despite the fact that its technical specifications state a range of 470 kilometres under the WLTP cycle.

But far from what could have been an isolated test or a faulty unit, the range tests and analysis of the Toyota bZ4X have continued to appear in different media, as in the case of the Danish automotive magazine FDM, which obtains even more devastating data.

In these tests, the range of the Toyota bZ4X was only 246 kilometres for the single electric motor version with the longest approved range, while the all-wheel drive version had a range of only 215 kilometres.

These figures are a far cry from the homologated figures, which are 50% off, an excessively high percentage that we have not seen in any electric car.

It is a well-known fact that the range that manufacturers certify their electric cars based on the WLTP cycle is already far from the actual range, but it is usually in the range of around 30%. In the case of the Toyota bZ4X, as you have seen, it is far from the standard.

These results have come directly to the Toyota offices, who have started an investigation to see what has happened and to find out what exactly has happened to make the test units give such bad range data.

It is clear that Toyota has started this 100% electric era on the wrong foot and it is not going well at all.

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