Toyota wants the bZ4X to be the preferred choice of taxi and VTC drivers.

Toyota wants to replicate its success in terms of hybrid acceptance among taxi drivers in Europe.

After a more than hesitant and troubled start for the Toyota bZ4X, the Japanese manufacturer’s first electric car for Europe and the United States, the first deliveries are now starting to be made.

And we have learned that Toyota wants to replicate its previously successful formula for its hybrid range with this electric crossover SUV, the bZ4X.

Toyota has succeeded with its hybrids in making them undoubtedly the most widely used vehicles for taxi and VTC use, partly because of the advantages offered by these hybrid vehicles over other petrol and diesel models.

Europe’s largest taxi trade fair the perfect venue for Toyota

Toyota will be present at Europe’s largest taxi trade fair in Essen (Germany) and will have as its star vehicle the Toyota bZ4X, which has already been delivered more than 500 units in Norway, the first country in Europe to receive this electric car from Toyota.

Toyota’s aim is to showcase the advantages and “goodness” of the bZ4X for use as a taxi or VTC vehicle, probably focusing on advantages such as cost savings and interior space, two qualities that most electric cars have.

Jörg Dzubiella, General Manager of Toyota Customer Service in Germany had this to say:

“Toyota has always been a pioneer in the hybrid taxi segment. After revolutionising the industry with the Prius+, we are now taking the next logical step: the new all-electric bZ4x takes comfort and efficiency to a new level, and is the centre of a new generation of electrified taxis.”

At the moment it is not known whether Toyota will launch any kind of promotion for the taxi and VTC sector to purchase the bZ4X, remember that it will not be available for purchase as such, but rather the Toyota bZ4X is based on a monthly subscription-like payment.

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