Vinfast VF8: after launching in the US, now it’s time for Europe

The Vietnamese brand’s electric SUV, Vinfast VF8, will start its European adventure in a few weeks.

At this point in history, few doubt that new brands will appear in the automotive sector and other veteran brands may even disappear.

Vinfast, a startup of Vietnamese origin, may be one of those brands that contemplate the first option, that is, that are able to open a gap in a market as complete as the automotive market, but that this electric transformation is offering these opportunities.

What’s more, Vinfast has already begun to operate in the United States. A few days ago it announced that the first units of its electric SUV Vinfast VF8 were already in the United States to be delivered to the first customers. The company also indicated that the same will happen in some European countries in the coming weeks.

This means that in the first weeks of January 2023 the first European customers of the Vinfast VF8 will have their new electric car.

The European countries that have been awarded are Germany, France and the Netherlands, countries where the acceptance of the electric car is more than acceptable and where there are already dealerships in some cities in these countries, such as Cologne, Paris and Amsterdam.

The design of the Vinfast VF8 is by Pininfarina.

We have to stop thinking that a car that is not from an American or European brand is not worth the trouble, because both the Chinese and other Eastern countries are increasingly offering vehicles that have little or nothing to envy to their European and American counterparts.

And why do we say that they have little to envy? Well, if we look at its design by the prestigious Pininfarina studio and its performance, we realise that it is an electric SUV that will satisfy the needs of a large number of users.

The Vinfast VF8 has dimensions of 4,750 mm, a width of 1,934 mm and a height of 1,667 mm. The wheelbase is 2950 mm, offering plenty of interior space.

In terms of performance, the Vinfast VF8 will be offered in two versions, the ECO and the PLUS.

The power output of the Vinfast VF8 in the ECO version is 260 kW (348 hp) and 300 kW (402 hp) in the top-of-the-line PLUS version. Thanks to these two electric motors, as well as offering all-wheel drive, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and 5.5 seconds respectively.

As for the battery, the VF8 can be fitted with two sizes, both of which are very generous, with a capacity of 82 kWh and 87.7 kWh. This translates into an approved range of up to 471 km in its largest configuration.

The price of the Vinfast VF8 will start at 43,600 euros (at least in Germany), although it should be noted that the company will only offer its vehicles with a battery rental (subscription) option.

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