Volkswagen is considering Foxconn and Magna for the production of its Scout brand electric vehicles.

Volkswagen is reportedly in talks with Foxconn and Magna for the production of the Scout electric pickup and SUV brand.

Last May, Volkswagen announced the return of its Scout brand, but now focused on being an all-electric brand. Recently, we told you about the first image of one of Scout’s electric vehicles, which plans to launch both an electric pickup and an electric SUV, similar to Rivian’s strategy with the R1T and R1S.

It is now also known that Volkswagen is in talks with Foxconn and Magna to carry out the production of electric vehicles for its Scout brand, which is expected to be launched on the market in 2026, but before that it should present a prototype in 2024, as previously indicated.

In the case of Foxconn, there is the possibility that manufacturing could take place in its new Ohio factory, which was previously owned by Lordstown (and previously by GM), where the brand’s Endurance pickup is currently produced, thanks to an agreement between the two parties.

bocetos de la pickup y SUV eléctrica de Scout (Grupo Volkswagen)

In addition to this possible new order from Volkswagen, Foxconn has already accumulated more manufacturing agreements with Indi EV, Monarch Tractors, and for Fisker’s second model, the PEAR. In addition, Foxconn is introducing an electric vehicle brand, launching two of its own models in early October: a pickup and a crossover.

As for Magna, which is also responsible for the production of another Fisker vehicle, the Ocean, it seems that it would also be a very likely candidate to carry out the production of Scout’s electric vehicles at its Austrian facilities in Graz, under Magna-Steyr.

At the moment, neither Volkswagen nor the Scout brand as such has commented on these possible agreements, so we cannot be sure that it will be one or the other who will be in charge of production. What is clear is that the Scout brand is generating a lot of expectation and VW is investing a lot of resources in reviving the brand, which for the moment will have two electric vehicles destined only for the US market.

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