Volkswagen is working on the ID.1 and it will cost $20,000.

Volkswagen’s commitment to electrification is to offer affordable electric cars

Just a few hours ago, Volkswagen surprised us with the announcement and presentation of the Volkswagen ID.2all, an electric car that will be marketed for less than 25,000 euros and will have more than interesting features.

But if that wasn’t enough, Volkswagen has also confirmed that they are working on another electric car, the Volkswagen ID.1, which will cost around 20,000 dollars and will be a slightly smaller car than the recently unveiled ID 2all.

Undoubtedly one of the major objectives that brands are setting themselves in this era of electrification, in addition to offering a wide variety of electric vehicles, is to launch cheap and affordable electric cars on the market.

And with the ID.1 and ID 2all, Volkswagen seems to be closer to achieving this, although according to the brand, the ID.1 will not be launched until 2027 and the ID 2all in 2025.

To achieve attractive prices for electric cars, Volkswagen Group CEO Thomas Shafer has indicated that economies of scale are needed to reduce costs and thus pass them on to the end customer.

The ID.1 is still a long way off, but internal Volkswagen reports suggest that it could share some components and elements of the ID 2all, as both will be developed and built on the MEB Entry platform, a modified MEB platform designed for smaller electric cars.

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