Volkswagen issues recall of more than 1,000 ID.4 units due to electrical problem

More than 1,000 Volkswagen ID.4 units are recalled due to an electrical problem in the vehicle’s 12V battery.

Volkswagen has issued a new recall for several units of one of its electric vehicles. More than 1,000 units of the Volkswagen ID.4 model are being recalled due to a fire risk.

In more detail, the electrical problem affects the vehicle’s 12V battery, about which the brand has explained that the charging cable, in units with rear-wheel drive, can come into contact with the steering column and cause a short-circuit that can lead to a fire.

Specifically, the recall affects 1,042 units of the Volkswagen ID.4 in RWD variant, i.e. rear-wheel drive, manufactured between 2022 and 2023 at the US plant in Chattanooga (Tennessee, USA), so it is understood that it only affects vehicles delivered in the United States. In the NHTSA recall report, the following is stated:

“On affected vehicles (rear-wheel drive only), the 12V battery charging cable may contact the steering column shaft, causing the cable insulation to wear. If this happens, a short circuit may result.

A short circuit can cause a loss of motive power while driving, which increases the risk of a crash. A short circuit, in this case, also increases the risk of vehicle fire. The affected cable is a low-voltage cable; therefore, there is no risk of high-voltage electric shock to occupants or service technicians. A risk of potential damage to the steering system (due to the passage of electric current) cannot be ruled out.”

Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen is urging owners of affected vehicles to visit a workshop to have the battery repaired or replaced, obviously at no cost to customers. Volkswagen ID.4 owners are also advised to be on the lookout for any warnings from the vehicle related to the 12V battery.

These messages may indicate that the insulation has been damaged and that a short-circuit is occurring, including the smell of burning or smoke, in which case, of course, the vehicle should be parked immediately.

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