Volvo reveals development of a 100% electric MPV

Volvo has given details of the launch of its next electric cars for the Chinese market.

As you already know, Volvo currently belongs to the Chinese group Geely, a powerful automotive group that besides Volvo has other prestigious brands such as Lotus or Polestar.

This circumstance is making it much easier for Geely’s Chinese brands to enter the European market, just as traditional European brands such as Volvo are also finding it easier to enter competitive markets such as China.

At a recent press conference, Volvo China President Qin Peiji revealed some very important information about the brand’s immediate future for the Chinese market.

A slide show revealed a total of six electric cars, three of which are already known models such as the Volvo XC40 and C40 Recharge and even the future Volvo EX90.

These three were joined by the announcement of an EX90 Excellence, a small SUV and an MPV. These vehicles will initially be launched in China in 2023.

The most striking aspect of the announcement is undoubtedly the fact that Volvo will be launching a segment it does not usually work in, such as the MPV.

Volvo’s MPV to be based on the Zeekr 009

According to rumours, Volvo’s new MPV could be based on the Zeekr 009, one of Geely’s premium brands which is also finalising the launch of an MPV on the market.

In terms of the Zeekr 009’s performance, it has a range of more than 500 miles (804 hp), 536 hp thanks to its two electric motors and a price of around $87,000.

Below you can see a photo of the Zeekr 009 to give you an idea of what kind of vehicle it will be.


As for the other two vehicles announced, Volvo’s small electric SUV will also be based on a Zeekr model, namely the Zeekr 003, while the Volvo EX90 Excellence will be an ultra-luxury version of the Swedish brand’s spectacular electric SUV.

It is clear that Volvo has a clear objective for 2023, and that is to tackle its bid in China with a significant portfolio of vehicles.

Regarding the European and American markets, the brand has not confirmed that these vehicles will be launched in those markets, and it could be that they will be exclusive cars for China.

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