Watch the real video of the Xpeng X3 flying car taking to the skies

This is how Xpeng’s flying car flies, and no… it’s not a render.

At the end of last October, Xpeng held its annual event, called Tech Day 2022, which we reported on at the time. At the event, the Chinese brand unveiled all its current and future technological innovations, which include a neural network, robotaxis, eVTOLs, robots, etc., among others.

One of the most surprising aspects of the event were the first images of the Xpeng X3 flying car concept. It is a groundbreaking design, very different from the Xpeng X2, which by the way we recently saw flying in its first inaugural flight.

Now, the Xpeng X3 has also taken to the skies and… although at first, according to the photos provided, everything seemed to indicate that it would be difficult for a vehicle with these characteristics to fly and become a reality in terms of the design shown, it has finally been the case.

In the following video that we leave you from its Twitter channel, you can see the Xpeng X3 in a first test flight, although still with camouflage, but in which the company shows it rising, flying and landing.

The Xpeng X3 is equipped with an eight-rotor system on four arms, unlike its predecessor which had only two rotors. Although it is currently a prototype, it is known to be around six metres long and weigh almost two tonnes.

At the moment, important aspects of the vehicle are unknown, such as its autonomy, which Xpeng has said is still limited. We expect this and other details to be revealed in 2024, when the company plans to unveil the production version of the Xpeng X3.

Behind AeroHT’s Xpeng X3 is a hefty investment of $500 million, and that is likely to grow.

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