What’s going on with steering wheels in electric cars? Now Nissan has problems

Nissan notifies more than 1,000 Ariya owners to be checked for possible steering wheel problems

You could say that what’s been happening in recent days with steering wheels in some electric cars sounds like a joke, but the reality is that it’s more serious than you might think, and it could lead to an accident and tragedy.

A few weeks ago, the US NHTSA launched an investigation into Tesla because two Model Ys had a serious problem with the steering wheel, which had separated and detached from the steering column while in motion. This results in the driver having no control over the car’s steering.

These seem to be isolated cases that any Tesla Model Y owner can be more than reassured about, but now a similar situation has been detected in the Nissan Ariya.

The Japanese brand has issued a statement where more than 1,000 Ariya cars may have a potential risk of their steering wheel detaching from the steering column. The brand has already notified those affected to have their vehicles checked.

According to the statement, the culprit again is a loose bolt – you know those Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra wheel problems, well, a steering wheel with a loose or missing bolt can cause the steering wheel to detach from the steering column, causing a loss of steering control and increasing the risk of a crash.

It is true that recalls have always existed in the automotive sector, all brands at some point issue recalls for issues found in some parts of a particular batch, but certainly in recent months we are experiencing some potentially dangerous recalls, which makes us wonder if the automotive industry is really lowering the quality of the components of their cars or there is a higher quality review.

Let’s hope that these problems with steering wheels will be solved for good and we will never have to talk about it again.

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