Xiaomi’s electric car will start at 35,000 euros.

The entry-level option for the tech company’s long-awaited electric car will have an attractive starting price.

When the real possibilities of major tech companies developing and manufacturing their own electric cars first began to emerge last year, many of us thought it would remain a mere anecdote.

The passage of time is proving that these big brands were not bluffing, as is the case with Xiaomi and Huawei, two leading Chinese technology companies that do not want to miss the opportunity to enter a sector as complex as the automotive industry.

Xiaomi could be one of this select group whose development is most advanced, and according to initial planning, Xiaomi’s electric car will be officially presented by the end of 2023 and will start to be marketed in 2024.

A media specialised in the Xiaomi brand(Xiaomi Today) has revealed through an internal Xiaomi source some approximate prices for the brand’s first electric car.

This media indicates that the price of Xiaomi’s entry-level electric car (the most basic) will start at around 260,000 yuan, or approximately 35,000 euros. On the other hand, the most complete version will be priced at around 350,000 yuan, around 48,000 euros.

It is true that currently there is little information on each of the versions of the Xiaomi car, but we do know some characteristics of the battery of each of them, the most complete version will have an electric system of 800 volts and the battery will be of the Chinese manufacturer CATL, on the other hand the version of access of range will have an electric system of 400 volts and the battery that mount will be of LFP of the Chinese manufacturer also BYD.

All this information remains in brackets, because at the end of 2022 Xiaomi registered a patent for its own batteries, although it is not known if it will be applied in its future electric cars or directly in the first one.

The difference in the electrical system will allow one to reach higher peak charging power than the other.

As you have been able to check the information that exists is still very “vague” and we will have to wait for the official presentation to know more details about it, but what is clear is that the expectations of Xiaomi’s electric car are more than high and more after knowing the price range in which it will move in the beginning.

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