Xpeng builds first G6 electric SUV on its Chinese production line

Xpeng rolls the G6 electric SUV off the production line

Xpeng has completed production of its first unit of the recently unveiled Xpeng G6, an exciting all-electric SUV that debuts the brand’s SEPA 2.0 platform. The first unit goes into production just one month after its official unveiling.

Production is being carried out at the brand’s Chinese plant. It is the company’s only electric vehicle to feature an integrated front and rear die-cast aluminium body. This design optimises cabin space and offers increased battery safety.

Deliveries of the Xpeng G6 electric SUV are scheduled for the second quarter. The brand describes the new model as “an intelligent SUV coupé”. Being built on the company’s new platform gives the Xpeng G6 greater range and offers faster charging.


The Xpeng G6 is expected to be priced between 200,000 and 300,000 RMB (about 26,290-39,435 euros at current exchange rates). Xpeng president and CEO He Xiaopeng expects to achieve a high volume of monthly sales of the new Xpeng G6, with plans to double or even triple sales of the current Xpeng P7 sedan.

Xpeng has not officially reported this milestone of manufacturing the first unit of the Xpeng G6 electric SUV. The image has been leaked via social media in China, but it is expected that the brand will soon publicly announce this new milestone and, in turn, update the delivery timeline, its future plans for the vehicle’s arrival in other markets (with plans for it to change its name) and, of course, its price.

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