Xpeng G9, a luxury electric SUV for under 60,000 euros

Xpeng has already published the price of the different versions of the G9 for the Norwegian market.

Xpeng’s revamped premium luxury electric SUV, the Xpeng G9, is now in its final stages for the Norwegian market, a market where the acceptance of electric vehicles is at an all-time high and where the Chinese manufacturer already has experience.

To date, the Xpeng G9 has only been marketed in China, and although the manufacturer’s intentions were to market it in Europe in autumn 2022, various delays have meant that it is only now that Norwegian neighbours can place orders for the Xpeng G9.

The Xpeng G9 could be classified as the flagship of the Chinese brand, the electric car that marks a new barrier of luxury within the brand and seeks to meet the needs of a customer as demanding as the European.

On this occasion we are not going to focus on giving you all the technical details, as for that we recommend that you visit the Xpeng G9 data sheet that we have available on our website. You can also consult the rest of the information on Xpeng electric cars in the same section.

As a large SUV, we would like to highlight its large interior space, an interior that has been pampered down to the last detail so that when you enter the vehicle you feel that touch of premium and luxury that the brand has wanted to impregnate the Xpeng G9.

On technical aspects, just remember its range of up to 570 kilometres and its 800 V electric system that allows charging at a power of 300 kW, which makes it one of the best performing large electric SUVs at present.

Xpeng G9 price in Norway

But in this article what we wanted to detail is the price of the Xpeng G9 in Norway, a country that will soon receive the first units for its customers.

In the first instance only the G9 570E and G9 702E versions will be marketed, both versions start from a price below 60,000 euros.

Specifically, the Xpeng G9 570E starts at €53,264 andthe top-of-the-line G9 702E is priced at €58,515.

Although the price may be considered high for a car by most people, we can see that if we compare it with other proposals of similar autonomy and performance, the price of both versions is really competitive.

For the Spanish market there is still no news or news about it and it seems difficult that in 2023 we will be able to see Xpeng arrive as it has other priority countries to cover in Europe.

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