Xpeng G9 and P7 now available in these 4 European countries

Both the Xpeng G9 SUV and Xpeng P7 sedan arrive in Europe and the Chinese brand is accepting orders today

Xpeng’s two star electric cars are arriving in Europe, specifically in four countries, where the inhabitants of these regions can already confirm their orders for both the Xpeng G9 SUV and the Xpeng P7 sedan.

As you can imagine, Spain is not one of the chosen countries, and as we already advanced a few days ago Xpeng arrives in three new European countries in addition to Norway, which are Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Throughout 2023 and 2024, the Chinese brand Xpeng will continue its expansion to other European countries, giving priority to those countries where the acceptance of electric vehicles is higher, so we can say that this is bad news for Spain, as it is one of the European countries with the lowest percentage of electric cars compared to combustion cars.

In addition, from 3 February to 5 February both the G9 and P7 will be on display at the eCar Expo in Stockholm so that visitors can see these two new Xpeng cars for themselves.

Brian Gu, vice president and president of Xpeng said: “XPENG G9 and P7 deliver a combination of superior style, quality, performance and comfort, exemplifying our market-leading technology and innovation. Today also represents a significant milestone as we build our presence in Europe. We believe both vehicles offer a new level of sophistication and a people-centric mobility experience, and will be the electric vehicles of choice for many European customers.”

The next model to be marketed in Europe is likely to be the Xpeng P5, a mid-size sedan that competes directly with the flagship electric sedan, the Tesla Model 3.

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