Zeekr unveils new SEA-M platform, from which vehicles like Waymo’s autonomous robotaxi will be born

Geely’s Zeekr unveils new SEA-M electric platform

Geely-owned electric brand Zeekr recently unveiled its new electric platform called SEA-M, which the manufacturer said “supports a range of future mobility products such as robotaxis, minivans and logistics vehicles”.

In fact, one of those electric vehicles that will be born on this new platform is the autonomous robotaxi developed for Waymo, which was announced at the end of last year. This vehicle was recently exhibited at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2022, and is expected to form part of the Waymo One fleet in the coming years. It is precisely in Los Angeles that Waymo recently announced the launch of its robotaxis.

This new SEA-M architecture, as its name suggests, is animprovement on Geely’s well-known Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform. Thanks to this new platform, which is geared towards autonomous vehicles, it maximises the vehicle’s interior space, flat consoles and a wide wheelbase.

Another highlight of the new platform is its technology, which has been dubbed the ‘E/E backbone of the SEA-M’, allowing occupants to stay connected at all times while on board the vehicle, via its multi-functional displays. Zeekr CEO Andy AN said:

“The unveiling of ZEEKR’s SEA-M has showcased the technological strengths and potential of the brand. The affirmation of partners for the SEA-M has also reflected ZEEKR’s ability to customise development according to each user’s needs.

Going forward, ZEEKR will continue to work with great global partners to support better and more sustainable smart mobility for all.”

Shortly after unveiling the new SEA-M platform, Geely Holding announced an agreement to license its SEA electric platform to ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), a Polish government-backed electric vehicle manufacturer. Geely will also become a technology partner for EMP’s first series of vehicles to be launched under the Izera brand.

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